Health and Development Reviews


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Health Visitors offer services to families within our children’s centres and local health centres to provide services to families in locations close to their home. After attending antenatal classes and being seen at home by midwives, parents will receive information and support for their new babies, and also be invited to baby clinics to regularly weigh babies and ensure that they are healthy and well.

Health and Development Reviews 

An invitation is sent to parents of both one year old and two year old children to attend a routine Health and Development Review.

If you have a toddler aged 8 – 15 months and/or 2 – 2.5 years, you should be hearing from your local Health Visiting Team to invite you to attend a Health & Developmental Review. We strongly encourage you to attend these to ensure the best start to your young child’s life.

This involves health visitors reviewing your child’s progress and ensuring that they are meeting their expected developmental milestones. Children may then be referred onto Speech and Language Therapists, Physiotherapists or other relevant services where necessary.

A Health and Development Review is an opportunity to:

  • assess the health and development of the child within the context of his or her home environment and family circumstances
  • ensure that families are linked in with the right services and support
  • identify and address issues the parent or carer may have regarding the child’s health

Telephone support is still on offer and contact details for your local team can be found here. The Health Visiting service is offering a 7 day a week duty line for parents to call for support and advice. You can contact the duty line using the below number or email address:

Phone: 020 8200 2500, press option 2

Email: [email protected]

Opening hours: Monday – Sunday 9am – 5pm (including bank holidays)

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