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When children are aged between 0-5 years, they are said to be in their “early years”. The early years are an important time for all children because experiences early-on in life can have long-term effects on development. They can be especially crucial years for children with special educational needs and/or disabilities (SEND).

Parent and child
Does my child have SEND?

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How do I get support for my child with SEND?

  How do I choose childcare for my child with SEND? 

What support will my child with SEND get from childcare providers?

Do I have to pay for childcare? 

Information for Professionals and SENCO's

Speech and Language Videos

Parents’ Autism Awareness Course (PAAC) Flyer for under 5s

Click here to access the leaflet Parents’ Autism Awareness Course (PAAC) Flyer for under 5s. Read more

Kensington & Chelsea Young Disabled People's Workshop - next week!

Action Disability Kensington and Chelsea are hosting a workshop for young people with SEND aged 16-25yrs working,…Read more

Holmfield House

As Holmfield House is in the heart of the community and is a popular children’s centre we will be refurbishing the…Read more
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