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What is the Quality and Outcomes Framework?

The Quality and Outcomes Framework (QOF) is a way the NHS rewards GPs for delivering good practice. It works by rating GP performance in several key areas related to quality care and health outcomes. For example, GP practices gain points for keeping a list of patients who have learning disabilities, or for measuring their patients’ blood pressure. The higher the GP practice scores in these areas, the more they will be paid by the NHS.

The QOF aims to assess GP practices according to:

  • how well the practice if organised
  • what patients think of their experience at the practice
  • whether specialist services are offered, for example child health or maternity care.
  • how well the practice delivers care for people living with the most common, long-term conditions, for example diabetes or epilepsy.

While participation in the QOF is voluntary most practices have chosen to take part.

More information on the QOF is available on the NHS website

Last Updated 03/11/2022

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