Who's Who in the SEN Service?


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Click on one of the profiles below to find out more about the people working in the Westminster and Kensington & Chelsea SEN Service:

Assistant Director Special Educational Needs (SEN) & Educational Psychology (EP) – Julie Ely

Julie is responsible for leading the SEN Service and Educational Psychology Services. She works to improve the quality of local services available for children and young people with SEND and their families.

Email: Julie’s Executive Support – [email protected]

Principal SEN Service Manager – Steph Baiardo (Contact for if your child has an EHCP)

Steph is the Principal manager for the Bi-Borough Case Management Team.  This team is divided into the Early Years & Primary Team and Post 16 & PFA (Preparing for Adulthood) Team. Both teams hold the duties to complete the phased transfer process, annual reviews and day to day operations. Steph is responsible for the successful operational delivery of her team’s performance in line with statutory responsibilities, while putting the child or young person at the heart of every decision. 

Email[email protected]

Principal SEN Service Manager – Kay Stammers (Contact for if your child is undergoing an EHCP needs Assessment)

Kay is the Principal Manager for the Bi-Borough Education, Health & Care Plan Needs Assessment Team. Kay’s team deal with the statutory assessment process and creating the EHCP for the child or young person.Kay seeks to make clear coherent and legally compliant decisions at strategic and operational level while also putting the child or young person at the heart of her decisions.

Email: [email protected]

Principal Educational and Child Psychologist – Dr. Jeremy (Jey) Monsen

Jeremy is responsible for leading and managing the Westminster and Kensington & Chelsea Educational and Child Psychology Consultation Service (Bi-Borough Children’s Services). He and his team have a core statutory role around education, health and care psychological advice.  The service aims to provide a high-quality psychology offer to all children, young people, their families and those that work with them, especially to those with additional barriers to their learning and development, including mental-health and well-being.

Email: [email protected]


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