Managed Budgets


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A care package under a managed budget can be made up of one or many of the following (dependent on level of need):

  • An in-house service – (e.g. St Quintin’s, Marlborough or Tresham)

  • An activity – (e.g. Trampolining or yoga)

  • Inclusion - (e.g. Fit for Sport or Venture Centre)

  • A direct payment – paid monthly to be used for activities (£10 an hour) or carer (£13 per hour). An agency carer can also be requested through one of our agency providers.


Applying for a managed budget

Step 1: Once  a referral has been accepted at a Duty Allocation Meeting (DAM/DRAM), an allocated worker will be assigned to completed an assessment form

Step 2: Assessment and package discussion. During the assessment process your allocated worker will discuss whether both managed and personal budgets.

Step 3: It is your choice which you choose

Step 4: Care package put in place as a managed budget (if chosen). In-house services notified of new child/young person

Step 5: In-house services notified of new child/young person's requirements and other services paid for through direct payments (if part of the package)


For further information:

Mohammed Subhan

Bi-Borough Direct Payments Lead (RBKC)

Tel: 07971 026 748 | Email: [email protected]


Isabelle Webb

Bi-Borough Direct Payments Lead (Westminster)

Tel: 07734 301 965 | Email: [email protected] 



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Page last reviewed: 24/06/2022

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