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Every year, the local authority publishes feedback from users of our SEND Local Offer website. We also set out how we have addressed, or plan to address, the issues raised. All feedback we receive is used to make the website more helpful and easy to use. 

The following comments reflect the feedback given by young people with SEND and their families during the year 2022. 

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We would like information about health to be more accessible.

The health section of the Local Offer has been redesigned so that it is easier for families to find information relating to a particular health concern they might have. Each section details what is included in the Local Offer as well as providing some more generic information and signposting to useful websites and resources. 

Opportunities for young people to give feedback and be involved in council decision making should be more visible

A Children and Young People's Voice category has been added to the search function of the Local Offer website. This will enable young people and their families to search for opportunities to get involved in council decision making. This information is also included in our monthly All For Youth Magazine for young people.  

The Preparing for Adulthood pages should be better organised and more accessible for young people who are undergoing the transition.

The preparing for adulthood pages have been redesigned so that their layout uses a similar format to the Autism Zone. It is split into two sections: 'I am a young person...' and 'I am a parent/ carer or professional' and aims to make it easier for an individual to find the information that they are looking for. 

The layout of the Local Offer needs to be more consistent and can be overhwhelming

The Health, Preparing for Adulthood, and Support for Disabled Children and their Families pages have been audited and updated to ensure that information is not duplicated and that the layout of each section is consistent. We will continue to audit other sections of the Local Offer website.

The All for Youth newsletter needs to be more appealing to young people

The All for Youth newsletter has been redesigned and we are recruiting for our ‘Newz Crew’ to ensure that young people continue to have an input into the design and content of the newsletter.

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