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Worried about a child?

Worried about a child?

If you are worried that a child or young person might need help or is being neglected or hurt, it is important that you share your worries. Many people are worried that contacting Family Services will mean that children are taken into care. In fact, unless a child is in danger, we will work hard with parents to help and support them so that the family can stay together.  Of course where there is a serious issue of abuse or neglect we will protect children together with the police and other agencies.

If you are worried that someone is in immediate danger please call 999.

If you have concerns about the safety and welfare of a child who lives in Kensington and Chelsea you should contact us on the number below:

  • Social Services Line:  020 7361 3013 (9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday) or Emergency Duty Team 020 7373  2227  (outside of these times).
    Or email: [email protected].

Social Services Line provides a single point of contact for professionals and members of the public who want to seek support or raise concerns about a child and pass on your concerns to the correct social work team who will listen, assess your concerns, and can take action if a child is at risk.

If you're not sure whether a child is at risk you can discuss the circumstances with us or with someone else who works with children, such as a teacher, health visitor or the NSPCC.

All professionals who work with children have a responsibility to safeguard them and will know how to help.

How to get support

Refer yourself or a child by contacting us on 020 7361 3013 9am to 5pm weekdays (or the Emergency Duty team outside these hours) or ask a professional you are working with to help. We will need to talk to you and your family to find out what your needs are and what we can offer you and agree a way forward.

Depending on your family’s needs, you may be referred to a community or voluntary agency, or might be offered support through our Early Help service, or you may receive support from our social work teams.

For professionals

How to make a referral

If you are a professional and you have concerns about a child you are working with who lives in Kensington and Chelsea, you should discuss this with the family and make your referral to the Early Help Team or to Family Services as appropriate. 

If you are concerned a child is at immediate risk of harm you should call the relevant social work locality team. If you are not sure which team the referral should be sent to, please call the Social Services line listed above and they will help direct your referral to the correct team depending on the family’s address. 

Last Updated 27/02/2024

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