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The DOT is part of a ‘public health’ approach in Kensington and Chelsea to tackle serious youth violence and we mostly support children and young people aged between 11-19 years. The majority of our work is focussed upon helping children and young people who are most in need of additional support (targeted youth work).

We want to divert young people away from the harm of violence and criminal exploitation and so we link with partners and other services to identify children and young people who may be at risk.  We also undertake community engagement and build trusted relationships with young people to hear directly about their worries and offer them early support.  We deliver projects and group work which are informed by what children and young people say they want. We also encourage young people to engage and participate in activities offered by local youth services (this is often referred to as outreach youth work).

Our street-based sessions (known as detached youth work) help to raise awareness of things on offer and open up children and young people’s access to Kensington and Chelsea’s North and South Hubs, projects, clubs and other opportunities.

Our team is funded by Public Health and Kensington and Chelsea. 

Page last reviewed: 15/04/2024

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