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NHS Flu vaccination programme for 2/3 year olds (practitioners)

Update on NHS Flu vaccination programme for 2-3 year olds

It’s more important than ever for those who need it to get their flu vaccination, to help protect us all from the threat of flu and COVID-19 this winter.

All children aged 2 and 3 years old can have a free flu vaccine at their GP practice. The vaccine is usually given as a single painless spray squirted up the nose. The nasal spray used for children does contain a highly processed form of porcine gelatine which helps to keep the vaccine stable. We know this can be a barrier to some children receiving the vaccine. The decision to receive the nasal spray is up to individuals.

The NHS is now able to offer an alternative to families who prefer not to have the nasal spray. Parents of 2-3year olds can request an injected flu vaccine for their child at their GP practice. This injected vaccine does NOT contain gelatine.

All staff working with pre-school children are requested to encourage parents to protect their children against flu with the free flu vaccination at their GP practice.

Last Updated 20/09/2023

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