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A housing estate, drawn by Nico, age 6
Drawn by Nico, age 6

Supported Housing

Refers to accommodation and support provided by organisations with expertise in supporting people to improve their life skills and opportunities.

A referral for supported housing for the young person will need be made via the care management team in the first instance, who will carry out a detailed assessment to see what type of accommodation is most suitable.

For more information and advice, the care management team can be contacted at:

Community Learning Disability Team

Telephone: 020 7313 6843 / 020 7313 6880



Abdelrahmane's drawing of a blue house
Drawn by Abdelrahmane, age 11

Living Independently

Young people who are able to live independently can apply for ‘general needs housing’. The Council’s Housing Department will carry out an assessment to decide if the young person is a high priority. If the young person is a high priority, he/she can join the housing register, which is a list of people waiting for housing or to be rehoused.

For more information and advice, the Council’s Housing Department can be contacted at:

The Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea

Ground Floor Reception - Town Hall
Hornton Street, W8 7NX
Telephone: Housingline 020 7361 3008
Fax: 020 7368 0328

Last Updated 04/11/2019

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