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11. Useful information for schools

Useful information for schools

The Service pupil premium (SPP) further information guidance provides further in-depth information on the Service Pupil Premium including the eligibility criteria in relation to divorced parents or step-parents and information on what happens when a child moves school after the school census date.

More information for teachers and school staff on supporting Service children and understanding their needs is available from the Service Children in state schools (SCISS) handbook (PDF).

SCISS have produced five factsheets which are aimed to help school leaders who might be new to supporting Service children to ensure that they are aware of the many elements that schools supporting Service children may face.

Since September 2018 the Common Transfer File (CTF) has included a specific section that schools can use to exchange information about Service children’s particular needs (for example any concerns they have about the child’s responses to moving school, deployment, parental separation).

Department for Education guidance on the CTF is published at

Further information around how the CTF supports better transfer of information about Service children between schools can be found on the RAF Families Federation website.

Education Overseas Supportability (EOS) form is a document which current schools are asked to complete ahead of a child accompanying their parents on overseas assignments. This forms part of the wider overseas supportability review process, cumulating in a child’s educational clearance to travel.

The Royal British Legion have developed a Guide for Schools

The Education Advisory Team UK and the Overseas Educational Supportability Team, part of Defence Children Services (DCS), provides advice, support and guidance regarding the educational well-being of the children and young people belonging to families in all three Military services. 

The RAF Families Federation has produced a guide to funding and support for schools (and other educational settings) supporting Service children. Although the booklet is titled ‘Funding and Support for RAF Children in Schools’, the majority of the content is applicable to all Service children.

Last Updated 19/10/2022

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