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Getting help

Safeguarding children is everybody’s responsibility. It is important to act fast if you suspect abuse as some signs of abuse can disappear quickly.

If you feel urgent action is needed contact the police on 999.

If you are worried that a child or young person is at immediate risk, please contact the 'Assessment and Access Team' immediately on 020 7361 3013.

Out of Hours
(5pm – 9am and weekends): Please contact the 'Emergency Duty Team'  on 020 7373 2227), or email: [email protected].

If you are a parent and need one-to-one support; or if you are a carer or a professional and are not sure whether a child is at risk you can discuss the circumstances with the Early Help Service or with someone else who works with children, such as a teacher, health visitor or the NSPCC.

Early Help Service contact details:

Tel: 020 7598 4601 or 020 7361 4129

Email: [email protected]

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