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Leighton House

Inspired by Islamic Art

Take inspiration from the mesmerising interiors of Leighton House and get creative with the expert guidance of celebrated contemporary artists, Laurelie Rae and Ayesha Gamiet.

Iznik tile with flowers in the Arab Hall, Leighton House.

Our Inspired by Islamic Art series is a unique programme of talks, workshops and original artist-designed creative activities. On our YouTube channel there are 12 artist-led workshops for you to enjoy, as well as five In Conversation discussions with leading contemporary creatives. 

Download the activity sheets and booklets below, which include templates and step-by-step instructions, for hours of creative fun exploring pattern, palettes and motifs in the company of our artists, taking inspiration in particular from Leighton House. 

Please note that you will need art materials and ideally access to a printer for the templates.


With Ayesha Gamiet
  • Beautiful Beasts
  • Garden of Paradise
  • Iznik Design
  • Rotate & Repeat

Inspired by Islamic Art with Ayesha Gamiet

With Laurelie Rae
  • Kubachi Tiles
  • Leopards & Lions
  • Damascus Flowers

Inspired by Islamic Art with Laurelie Rae

Looking for more inspiration?

Watch the video series Inspired by Islamic Art with Laurelie Rae and Ayesha Gamiet on our YouTube channel to develop your skills and explore techniques and motifs together with these extraordinary artists. Listen to contemporary creatives discussing their work and practice with our video series In Conversation, created together with the Yunus Emre Institute.  Or take a  virtual tour of Leighton House to see some of the exquisite artwork in situ that inspired our artist collaborators.


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