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‘Very good dinner, 15 bottles champagne drunk. Slight bilious headache which lasted all day’

Edward Linley Sambourne’s Diary, 11 July ....


The Sambournes were avid entertainers frequently hosting famous artistic figures of the day. Now you too have the opportunity to entertain like the Sambournes in the intimate and historical atmosphere of 18 Stafford Terrace’s dining room.


Dining in the spectacular setting of the candlelit dining room is truly a never-to-be-forgotten experience. Diners are surrounded by the extraordinary collection the Sambournes personally assembled; from floor to ceiling the room is a testament to 19th century Aesthetic taste being filled with furniture, etchings and proudly displayed antique blue and white porcelain that have remained in the house since 1877. This is perhaps the most remarkable and authentic Victorian interior anywhere, and a unique and unforgettable setting for an intimate dinner.


This exclusive opportunity comes with a tour of the house. Prior to dinner, guests are offered a private tour by a expert guide through the atmospherically lit interiors, transporting guests back to Victorian times and allowing them to experience the home the Sambournes created.


18ST Drawing RoomFilm and Photoshoot

Film and photographic shoots are available on occasion, but can only take place when there are no guided tours in progress. Rates are subject to negotiation based on complexity and staffing. Please note that due to the delicate surroundings and large number of objects on display, crew numbers are limited to a maximum of six and equipment should be kept to a minimum.

Movies that have been filmed here include A Room With a View (1985), television series Servants: The True Story of Life Below Stairs (2012), episodes of Bargain Hunt and Sir Roy Strong being photographed by John Swannell among others.

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