Glossary of terms

Aesthetic style: The Aesthetic movement was a strong artistic current in the late 19th century centring around the doctrine that art is self-sufficient and need serve no ulterior purpose whether moral, political, or religious. Central figures of the movement included Whistler and Oscar Wilde. In decorative terms, an aesthetic style was one that tended towards preciousness and affectation.

Punch's Almanack: Punch magazine produced an annual table, or book of tables, containing a calendar of months and days and usually astrological data and other information.

Camera Club: A late 19th century photographic club. It provided Sambourne and his contemporaries with a number of models to photograph.

Cartoon: Drawing.

Cyanotype: A simple and early photographic technique often referred to as blueprint (1842-1950s) using iron salts to produce an image in insoluble Prussian Blue in the paper, which was fixed by washing the image in water.   It was a quick and simple process.

Dado: The lower part of the wall of a room when visually distinct from the upper part.

Drawing Room: In Victorian times, the drawing-room was used for comfortable sitting and as the principal room for entertaining (earlier withdrawing room, because originally used for women to withdraw after dinner).

Linoleum: Material consisting of a canvas backing thickly coated with a preparation of linseed oil and powdered cork, used as a floor covering.

Morning Room: A room the Victorians used for daytime entertaining and tea. At Linley Sambourne House, the more private and sentimental nature of the decoration of this room with family photographs and gifts from friends points to its use by the women of the house in particular.

Terrace House: Any of a row of houses built in one block of uniform style.

Victorian: Associated with social and moral attitudes characteristic of the time of Queen Victoria (1837-1901).

Water Garden: An alternative to a conservatory in houses where space was limited, water gardens or ornamental fountains and shells in window boxes were very popular with the Victorians.

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