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When Leighton died in January 1896, almost all his own collections and the contents of his house were sold at auction at Christie's in London. In 1900, following the conversion of his house to a museum and with no hope of bringing these collections back, the Leighton House Association initiated a campaign to establish a representative collection of Leighton's own work to hang in the 'new' museum. The collections assembled between c.1897 and 1910 remain the core of the museum's holdings today. Further additions were made up until the transfer of the house to The Royal Borough of Kensington at the end of the 1920s and intermittently through the decades that followed. 

Our recent acquisitions demonstrate the continued drive to add to the collections.

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Returning Leighton's ClytieClytie

Returning Leighton's Clytie, find out about this

significant painting and its place in Leighton's career, includes short films and audios. The programme of exhibitions, events and activities devised to accompany the acquisition was funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund.

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