Dorothy Dene

On the Trail of Dorothy Dene: Actress, Model and Muse

Speaker: Philippa Martin

Recorded: Monday September 27, 2012

Dorothy Dene was the model for Clytie. For the last sixteen years of Leighton’s life she modelled for many of his most significant works and following his death received a substantial legacy. For a period she also enjoyed considerable success on the stage. But who really was Dorothy and what do we know of her life and career? This talk includes fascinating unpublished research that casts new light on her relationship with Leighton.


Philippa was Curatorial and Exhibitions Assistant at the RIBA Drawings Collection for 6 years before moving to Leighton House Museum in 2003 as Acting Curator of Collections and Research. She was the Project Manager of the Leighton Drawings Project between 2005 and 2007. She then moved to her current role at the UK Government Art Collection as Curator, Information and Research (Historical).

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