The Five Senses

Leighton’s paintings often portray and evoke sensory experiences- sounds, smells, tactile or textured objects, movement, rich visual environments and even different temperatures. In this series of information sheets, we will look at some of Leighton’s paintings through the five senses lenses.


MOTHER AND CHILD (CHERRIES) 1864-65. Blackburn Museum and Art Gallery

Get inspiration from Leighton's painting to create a dish with cherries or to design a space for yourself as comfortable as the one in the painting.

DOWNLOAD the Mother and Child Activity Sheet


THE MUSIC LESSON, 1877. Guildhall Art Gallery, City of London

Get inspiration from Leighton's painting to make or listen to music, visit a park or garden to look for plants you like or rearrange objects in your environment to suite your mood.

DOWNLOAD The Music Lesson Activity Sheet


LA NANNA(PAVONIA), 1859. Leighton House Museum

Perhaps you could be inspired by La Nanna to dress differently today? Is there a combination of colours, textures or materials which make you feel good? Are there objects in your home which give you pleasure to look at or touch?

DOWNLOAD La Nanna Activity Sheet


Meet Lord Leighton

Have fun colouring in and dressing Lord Leighton’s figure with a variety of detachable outfits and accessories to suit his role of Victorian artist, traveller and socialite. You will need A3 paper (ideally paperboard), colouring pencils or paints, scissors and access to a printer.

Download the Meet Lord Leighton Activity Sheet.


Looking for more fun? Have a look at our selection of backgrounds inspired by Leighton’s house and his travels. Just download your favourite ones, print them on thicker paper or card and enjoy!

Visit the Meet Lord Leighton resources page.


Paintings and Poems

Frederic Leighton and his contemporaries often drew inspiration for paintings from poetry and stories of classic antiquity, the Medieval or Renaissance Europe. Poets of the Victorian age were often inspired by these paintings to write new poems.


Explore the connection between the two art forms in these short clips connecting a painting from our collections with a poem:


CORINNA OF TANAGRA by Frederic Leighton (1893) with fragments of poems by Corinna of Tanagra (approx 500 BC)


ORPHEUS AND EURYDICE by Frederic Leighton (1864) with a poem by Robert Browning called Eurydice to Orpheus (1864)


SILENT NOON by John Byam Liston Shaw (1894)  with a poem of the same name by Dante Gabriel Rossetti


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