• Are there any restrictions when hiring out Leighton House?
  • There is restricted parking in the vicinity of the Museum.

  • No marquees or music in garden

  • Dancing is not permitted anywhere in the museum.

  • Background music – non-amplified is welcome.

  • Red wine may not be served in the House unless this is by the appointed caterers to accompany a fully seated dinner in the studio.


  • Are security/staffing provided?
  • Two security staff are on duty throughout evening bookings and regular patrols carried out.

  • Caterers will provide their own team of waiting staff.


  • Do the hire charges include insurance?
  • The charges do not include insurance. All events must be insured before they take place.

  • The insurance charge is 9%of the hire fee plus 6% premium tax.

  • This fee will automatically be added to the hire fee and will be clearly stated on the booking form.


  • Is there a charge for an over run?
  • Please note an excess charge of £200 per 15 minutes for over-running the agreed time.


  • Discount
  • Patrons of Leighton House get 5% discount, please view Become a Friend.


  • Public holidays
  • Please note that Leighton House Museum is closed to the public during the day on Tuesdays, but evening events take place as normal.

  • No evening events on Sundays and Bank Holiday Monday.


  • Parking
  • Restricted in the vicinity of the museum


  • Can I arrange my own catering?
  • All food served needs to be provided by one of the appointed caterers, please see approved Caterers and Suppliers.

Open Saturday and Sunday
10am - 5.30pm
12 Holland Park Road
London W14 8LZ