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Detached and Outreach Team (DOT)

Welcome to the Detached and Outreach Team webpage

We are a team of youth workers working in Kensington and Chelsea (RBKC).

We offer a variety of youth work support including:

  • Detached (street-based) sessions
  • Outreach (helping children and young people to access provision in youth centres and elsewhere)
  • One to one mentoring (for young people where there are worries in two or three areas – risk of school exclusion, risk of criminal exploitation or going missing from home or school)
  • Project and group work (school, college, youth hubs and centre based)
  • Joint youth work with other services including ones delivered by community and voluntary organisations
  • Help for parents and carers to mediate on relationship misunderstandings with their child/ren or to access support, information, or guidance from other services.

Find out more about the DOT here:

Who we are and what we do

Our timetable

Detached and Outreach Youth Work - what is it?

Meet the team

Our promise

Our offer

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The Public Health approach to tackling serious youth violence

Health and wellbeing

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Useful websites and resources

DOT events and projects

Professionals and organisations requests

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Last Updated 13/10/2021

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