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Visiting the Museum with your class

What we offer:
Costumed actress-led sessions
Storytelling sessions
Visit preparation and
follow-up work

Making a booking:
Schools' booking form (download Word document)
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Risk Assesment form
(download Word document)
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Classroom activities

Key Stage 1&2:

Art and Design
Investigating Materials (Unit 1b)
Can Buildings Speak (Unit 2c)
Investigating Pattern (Unit 3b)

Living in a Diverse World
(Unit 5)

Key Stage 3:

Art and Design
What's in a building? (Unit 7b)
Change your style (Unit 9b)

Britain – a diverse society?
(Unit 4)

What were the achievements of the Islamic State 600-1600? (Unit 6, section 5)

Leighton House Webquest (download Word document)
download pdf

Information for Teachers

Leighton House Museum is a rich and dazzling learning resource for schools across the curriculum at all Key Stages. Its mixture of world cultures ensures that there are plenty of things to keep your pupils intrigued and interested.

For school visits we offer sessions led by either a costumed actress or a storyteller. Please see Visiting the museum with your class for further information.

For those not able to visit, this website can be used as a valuable and exciting teaching and learning tool in itself, linking with subjects across the curriculum at all Key Stages:
Make a virtual exploration of the Museum with your class using an interactive whiteboard.
Pupils can undertake the exciting webquest provided.
Use it for your own lesson research purposes.
KS3 and 4 pupils can be encouraged to use the website for their own research purposes.

Please see the links to Classroom activities in the box to the left.

Do look at Documents and Sources (see right of page) for useful images and information relating to Frederic Leighton and his house (these can be printed).

However, there is nothing like the real thing, so if possible we encourage you to book a class visit to the museum!
Leighton House Museum, 12 Holland Park Road, London W14 8LZ, The Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea
Telephone: +44 (0)20 7602 3316 | Legal Notices | email: [email protected]

Leighton House Museum

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