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English Heritage Reference: 421958
RBKC Reference: 35/10
Property: THE TOWER HOUSE  29 
Street: MELBURY ROAD , W14
Date: 29/07/1949
Grade: I
Grouped: GV
Description: Detached house. 1875-81. By William Burges, for himself. Red brick, slated roof. Two main storeys, basement and roof storey. Asymmetrical composition in the Gothic style. Advanced wing to left with gable to road; wing set back at right angles to right. Between the two a round tower with conical turret. Entrance to right hand return with projecting porch. Windows mullioned and transomed; leaded lights and stained glass. Lancet windows to tower. Tall chimneys. Garden wall. Important interiors.
English Heritage Picture: External Hyperlink to English Heritage photograph of this listed building