• Living in healthy homes

    Includes information on affordable warmth, fire safety, pest control, carbon monoxide, greener housing, homes in multiple occupation, disrepair, grants, and empty homes.

  • Social Housing

    Includes information on social housing in the borough, Home Connections, eligibility for social housing, temporary accommodation, options for older people, tenancy management, helping you to move and much more.

  • Regenerating your neighbourhood

    Housing regeneration projects in the borough have been stopped. These pages give further details and information on neighbourhood management and how we work with communities and social housing providers.

  • Housing advice and support

    Information and advice to help you find suitable accommodation, advice on keeping your home, and homelessness.

  • Useful contacts and information

    Useful contacts and information for landlords and homeowners plus factsheets, partnerships overview and a simple guide for moving home.

  • Housing management (formerly KCTMO)

    The Council has taken over the management of its homes from Kensington & Chelsea Tenant Management Organisation (the KCTMO). This includes day-to-day services such as repairs, cleaning and looking after your estates.