Your rent

Your rent

The rent you pay goes towards managing and maintaining Council homes, as well as investing in our communities and providing support to you – our tenants. Your rent is due every Monday and if you choose to pay fortnightly or monthly, it will need to be paid in advance.

Every year we review the rent and write to you to let you know of any changes at least 4 weeks before they happen. Any rent increases usually start in the first week of April.

This year, from 1 April, your rent will rise by 7.7 per cent. This is based on the Government’s formula for setting rent which allows an increase of inflation (which was 6.7 per cent when the calculation was made), plus 1 per cent. This increase is in common with other London band registered housing providers.

We know that any increase in rent can be difficult, and we want to assure you that careful consideration was given to this. This year’s increase will help us ensure that we are able to continue to provide services for residents. This includes our ongoing capital work programme which will improve the safety, security and sustainability of the homes we manage.

We’ve also increased the level of support available for residents, raising our Tenancy Sustainment Fund to £500,000, and increasing the amount that each household can access from £300 to £500.

Your weekly rent is made up of:

  • basic rent
  • service charges 
  • heating and hot water charges

Basic rent

This is the rental charge for your home.  It is reviewed each year and any increase meets strict guidelines set by the Government. This charge also depends on the value and size of the property and the facilities within it.

Service charges

These are charges for shared facilities in your building/estate such as: 

  • cleaning
  • grounds maintenance
  • communal electricity (e.g. for lighting)
  • caretaking
  • concierge service (if applicable)
  • CCTV (if applicable)

We have a new Housing Self-Serve Portal for residents (tenants and Leaseholders) to manage your rent or service charge accounts.

Heating and hot water charges 

These costs are for communal heating where it is shared with other households. If heating and hot water is not shared, you will pay for your energy directly to the utility supplier.

The separate amounts which make up the total weekly charge are shown in the rent increase letter we send you annually or at any other time when there is a change to the amount you need to pay.

Please note that from September 2019, tenants have had to pay for their water directly to Thames Water instead of the charge being included within their rent.  If you were a Kensington and Chelsea Council tenant in the period between  April 2006 (or the start of a tenancy if that is later) to 3rd August 2017 (or the end of a tenancy if that’s earlier), you may qualify for a water rebate.

Calculating your rent and changes in charges

We are responsible for calculating your rent. Your rent is based on the value of your home, the average income for the area and is set in accordance with government guidelines. The higher the value of your property, the higher the amount of rent you will pay.

To protect you from large rent increases, the Government has capped the amount your rent can increase in any one year.    

Your responsibilities for paying rent are set out in your tenancy agreement. These are also outlined in your tenant handbook. 

Struggling to pay your rent?

Your rent is one of the most important payments you will need to make but we appreciate that there might be many reasons why managing your finances can becomes challenging. Our priority is to keep you feeling safe and secure in your home. If you are experiencing financial difficulty, we can help. Remember, the sooner you tell us, the faster we can offer support.

Find out more about support and benefits available.  

Last updated: 1 March 2024