Popular local maps

Popular local maps

These are some of our most requested maps. They print best in colour.

Borough map

Ward boundaries map

Postcode district boundaries map

Parliamentary constituencies map

Polling stations map

Elected Ward Councillors


Ward maps with street listings

  1. Dalgarno
  2. St Helen's
  3. Golborne
  4. Notting Dale
  5. Colville
  6. Norland
  7. Pembridge
  8. Holland
  9. Campden
  10. Abingdon
  11. Queen's Gate
  12. Earl's Court
  13. Redcliffe
  14. Courtfield
  15. Brompton and Hans Town
  16. Stanley
  17. Chelsea Riverside
  18. Royal Hospital


Key buildings map

Chelsea Old Town Hall map

Kensington Town Hall map

Pembroke Road offices map


Parking services

Blue Badge Parking Bays map

Motorcycle bays

Parking tariff areas map

Residents parking map


Other maps of interest

Libraries map

Local authority schools map

Hospitals map

Culture arts and leisure map

Conservation areas map

Flood risk areas map

Recycling centres map

Public Transport Network map