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There are a six free public libraries based across Kensington and Chelsea offering a wide range of services, activities and events for people of all ages and different needs. Read this page for an introduction to some of the work they do for the local community. 

Become a library member

To access some services you may need to become a member. This is free and can be done either online, or in person at your local library.  

Kensington and Chelsea libraries newsletters

Please access a copy of the latest news through this link.

Services for Children Under 5

All libraries offer sessions for children under five, including stroytime, rhymes, singing, arts and crafts. Children with all levels of need and backgrounds are welcome to attend. These are drop-ins. There is no need to be a library member or to register in advance. 

For details of when these sessions take place, please visit the Kensington and Chelsea Libraries website.

Kensington and Chelsea libraries work with Book Start to offer free-gifting of books to young children recognising the fact that it's never too early to start reading. These packs are offered when your child is aged 8 months and again at age 3 years and can be made available in special sensory-friendly formats on request. Speak to your health visitor or member of library staff if you would like to receive a pack. 

Homework and Study Support

Many libraries offer homework clubs open to children and young people to drop-in and make use of the library's facilities and on-hand support to complete their homework. Any child is welcome to attend, regardless of their need.

To participate, the child and their parent / guardian will need to complete a form which will be available from your local library. 

For information on the homework clubs in the borough, please visit the Kensington and Chelsea Libraries website.

Westminster libraries also offer free access to IXL, a study platform that provides comprehensive, curriculum-based maths and English for children in reception up to year 13. The website is designed to keep children engaged with their learning by providing fun awards. It also provides parents/guardians with detailed reports on their children’s progress. For more information, please speak to staff at your local library. 


Clubs for Children and Young People

Ask at the library for information on the following clubs available for children and young people with all needs and abilities:

  • Coding club - sharpen your computer skills with a fun course in programming
  • Lego club - come and get creative building with our stocks of Lego
  • Arts & crafts - come and make use of our art materials and resources.
  • Summer reading challenge - take part in this fun reading challenge to make new friends and talk about the books you enjoy 

For more information and the full range of clubs, please click here

Online events for children and young people

A list of regular and special events can be accessed in this link

Computer and Internet Facilities

You can use computers and access the internet at any of Kensington and Chelsea's local libraries. Ask a member of library staff if you need help either using the computer or finding something particular online. 


Home Library Service

If you or your child have a disability which impairs your ability to get to the library, you may benefit from the home library service. With this service, a member of library staff will visit up to one every three weeks to help you access their catalogue of books, magazines, CDs, DVDs, audiobooks and more. 

For more information on the Home Library Service, please click here.

MyLibrary App

You can download the MyLibrary App for faster access to services and the ability to download free audiobooks and e-books on the go. For more information, please click here. 


List of Libraries

Please see below for a list of libraries in the borough:



Contact Kensington and Chelsea Libraries using the following details:

Call: 020 7361 3010

Email: [email protected]

Vist the Website: 

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