Apply for Housing Benefit

How to apply for Housing Benefit

Housing Benefit helps you pay part, or all, of your rent if you’re unemployed, on a low income or applying for benefits.

You can only apply for Housing Benefit to Kensington and Chelsea if:

  • you have reached State Pension age 
  • you live in sheltered or supported accommodation
  • you live in temporary accommodation (you have been housed by the Council in temporary accommodation because you were homeless) or
  • you are entitled to Severe Disability Premium.

If not, you’ll need to apply for Universal Credit instead.

Before you start

You will need to know:

  • your National Insurance number (NiNo) and that of your partner
  • what benefits you already receive
  • your income
  • what is in your bank accounts
  • how much your rent is and
  • the details of anyone living in your home.

Apply for Housing Benefit

Don’t worry if you don’t have all the information now – you can save the form and come back to it later.


You can also retrieve a previously saved form.

Retrieve a saved form