How we pay your Benefit

Kensington and Chelsea Council tenants

  • We will pay it directly into your rent account each week.

Housing association tenants

  • We will pay it directly into your bank or building society account every two weeks in arrears.
  • We almost only pay your benefits directly to your landlord every four weeks in arrears:
    • If you ask us to
    • If you owe eight weeks or more rent or
    • If we decide it’s in your best interests to do so.

Private tenants

If you started getting Housing Benefit after 7 April 2008 under the Local Housing Allowance rules, you cannot choose how we pay your benefit. We must pay Housing Benefit directly into your account unless there are special reasons that mean we can consider paying to someone else, like your landlord.

Housing Benefit overpayments

Tell us straight away if you think you’re being overpaid. You may have to pay back the benefit if you’ve been overpaid.