Christmas tree recycling

Why recycle Christmas trees?

If you have a real Christmas tree, the most environmentally friendly way to dispose of it is to compost it.

Where to recycle Christmas trees

If you can’t compost your tree yourself, we can help through our:

  • Christmas tree drop-offs
  • Christmas tree collections

Christmas tree drop-off points

Recycle your tree for free at one of our drop-off points between Wednesday 2 and Sunday 20 January 2019:

North of the borough

  • Sainsbury's, Canal Way (off Ladbroke Grove) W10
  • Little Wormwood Scrubs (Opposite Brewster Gardens) W10
  • Kensington Memorial Park (St Helen’s Gardens entrance) W10
  • Talbot Road (in front of the church at the top of Colville Gardens) W11
  • Cornwall Crescent (junction with Clarendon Road) W11
  • Tavistock Road (junction with Basing Street) W11 
  • Pembridge Square (entering from Pembridge Villas) W2
  • Kensington Park Road (junction with Convent Gardens) W11
  • Bramley Road (junction with Whitchurch Road) W11
  • Avondale Park (Walmer Road East entrance) W11


  • Holland Park car park, Abbotsbury Road W14
  • Palace Gate (junction with Kensington Gate – near the sculpture) W8
  • Ifield Road (junction with Finborough Road) SW10
  • Campden Hill Road (between Phillimore Walk and Duchess of Bedford Walk) W8

South of the borough

  • Cremorne Gardens, Lots Road SW10
  • Pont Street (junction with Cadogan Square) SW1X
  • Royal Avenue (junction with St. Leonard’s Terrace) SW3
  • The Boltons (south side of the church) SW10
  • Robinson Street (pavement area, opposite the church) SW3
  • Dovehouse Green SW3
  • Westfield Park (Tetcott Road North entrance) SW10

Don't forget to remove any decorations and pots first.

Christmas tree kerbside collection

If you can't take your tree to a drop-off point, we can collect it on your rubbish and recycling collection day, between Wednesday 2 and Sunday 20 January 2019.

Before we collect it, make sure:

  • you put it out before 7am on your rubbish and recycling collection day
  • it's clearly visible
  • it doesn't obstruct the pavement
  • you've removed all decorations and pots

Check your rubbish and recycling collection days.

If you live on an estate, in a mansion block or in flats, and use communal bins/mixed recycling banks, you can take your real tree to the Christmas tree recycling points listed above, between Wednesday 2 and Sunday 20 January 2019.

Alternatively, your housing provider may also have a separate collection in place. You can check with your caretaker or property manager and make sure to ask if the trees will be composted, and won’t be thrown away as rubbish.

Find out more information about recycling, reducing waste and collections during Christmas.

Useful tips

If your tree is in a pot, you can plant it out in the garden after Christmas, or (if you want to bring it indoors again next year) grow it on in a larger container.