Order clear or reusable recycling bags, (for residents only)

Residents who live on an estate or in large block

If you live on an estate or in a large block you will normally have large communal bins for recycling. Your recycling can go into these bins loose, and to help you recycle we can send you a reusable bag for carrying your recycling to the bins

If you would like us to send you a reusable bag please use the order form below.

Please note: The Council's clear recycling bags should not be used.

For residents who receive kerbside or doorstep collections:

Kerbside or doorstep refers to recycling and refuse collected from directly outside the home, e.g. your doorstep, refuse storage area or on the pavement directly outside your property.

We distribute the clear recycling bags on a quarterly basis to all households in receipt of a kerbside or doorstep collection. If you would like to request a delivery or order an additional pack with all future deliveries, you can use the order form below. Clear recycling bags are only to be used for kerbside or doorstep collections.

For managed properties we supply recycling bags in bulk to front of house staff. If your building has a caretaker or concierge, please contact them for recycling bags. If you are a caretaker or concierge and would like to order bags for your building, please use the order form below.

Never put recycling in a black bag or bin bag as this will be treated as normal refuse.

Please note:
Clear recycling bags are for the use of residents only - commercial use is strictly prohibited.

Recycling or Re-usable Bag Order Form

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