Freecycle is the process of giving away or ‘recycling’ your unwanted items. The main rule of the Freecycle movement is that everything is given away, or taken away for free. Freecycle began in mid 2003 and there are over one million members worldwide. In the UK there are over 60 Freecycle groups and the Freecycle group in Kensington and Chelsea has thousands of members.

Why Freecycle?

Freecycle is a great way to get rid of household items you no longer want (or can’t be bothered to sell). And on the other hand, Freecycle gives you the opportunity to get your hands on other people’s unwanted goods for free! The essence of Freecycle is that one man’s junk is another man’s treasure.

By recycling unwanted items in this way, Freecycle prevents a lot of unwanted items from otherwise ending up in landfill.

How do I get started with Freecycle?

Contact the Kensington and Chelsea Freecycle network by following the link below. Once you have registered your details you can begin to post details of items you no longer want, or you can contact someone else to say that you’d like to take away their unwanted item. Visit the Freecycle website here.

What to advertise on Freecycle

Most popular items to give away include household furniture such as wardrobes, beds, mattresses and some white goods such as cookers, fridges and dishwashers. Computer items, electrical goods, children’s toys and motoring equipment are also popular.