What is Freecycle?

Freecycle is a network you can use to give away, or recycle, your unwanted household items to other people. The main rule of Freecycle is that everything is given away, or taken away for free.

Popular household items to give away include:

  • furniture such as wardrobes, beds and mattresses
  • white goods such as cookers, fridges and dishwashers
  • computer equipment
  • electrical goods
  • children’s toys
  • motoring equipment

Why Freecycle?

Freecycle is a great way to:

  • get rid of household items you no longer want - and get hold of other people's unwanted things for free
  • help reduce landfill

How do I get started?

Getting started on Freecycle is easy:

  • registered online
  • post details of items you no longer want
  • contact other members if you want to take away their unwanted item

 Sign up to Freecycle.