Applying for a certificate

Information on the different ways to get certificates for births, deaths, marriages and civil partnerships.

Applying for a certificate

All certificates cost £10 each. For those being posted out, there is a fee of £1.60 to cover the cost of it being sent by registered post.

Certificates from 1991 onwards

We only issue certificates for births, deaths, marriages and civil partnerships within Kensington and Chelsea from 1991 to the present.

Certificates before 1991

You can get certificates for life events before 1991 from the General Register Office or by calling 0300 123 1837.

If the event occurred within the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea and you would like to obtain a certified copy of a certificate from this office then you have three options:

1. Application online

Use our online form to order a copy certificate.

2. Application in person

You may pay by cash or credit/debit card here at the Kensington and Chelsea Register Office. Please note: we are not able to accept American Express. Our opening hours for applications in person are between 8am and 4pm from Monday to Friday. With a standard application, certificates will be available for collection or posting within seven working days. If you have an urgent application, we have a same day service whereby certificates may be collected within one hour of ordering upon payment of an additional fee of £15.00.

3. Application by post

If your application is made from within the UK then you should enclose a letter/application form containing all the relevant details, a postal order made payable to ‘R.B.K.& C.’ and a stamped addressed envelope. Please do not send cash by post. If you are applying by post from outside the UK then you may only pay by international money order, in pounds sterling, made payable to ‘R.B.K.& C.’ Please note: we are no longer able to accept cheques.

You can download our application forms below:

Marriage certificate application form [PDF] (file size 31.92 KB)


Certificate Fee
Birth, Death, Marriage and Civil Partnership Certificates (when issued on the day of registration) £4.00
Birth, Death, Marriage and Civil Partnership Certificates (when issued after the date of registration) £10.00

Same day service fee

This fee incorporates a priority fee of £15.00 and one copy of the certificate at £10.00. The certificate will be made available for you to collect within 30 minutes of making payment.


The full postal address for all correspondence and applications is:

Kensington and Chelsea Register Office
Kensington Town Hall
Hornton Street
W8 7NX

Certificates are posted out within seven days, usually sooner.

To help us process your application as quickly as possible:

Give us as much information as possible

The more information you give us about the register entry of which you need a copy, the easier it will be for us to find the entry. Please note that General Register Office references are different to those held locally.

We regret that we cannot undertake searches of an indefinite or protracted nature. Usually a search in the index, covering a period not exceeding five years, will be made but only where accurate details of the particular registration have been given. If a wider search is required it may be necessary for you to undertake a General Search at the Kensington and Chelsea Register Office.

Send separate postal orders for multiple certificate requests

If you are making applications for multiple certificates (for example, one birth and two marriage certificates) then it will speed the administration if you can include a separate postal order for each and every application. If we are unable to find an entry we will return your unused postal orders to you.

Always include a stamped addressed envelope for return

This guarantees the correct address and postcode are on the envelope.

The Same Day Service takes priority

Please bear in mind that family research will not take priority over more urgent applications. This includes birth certificates for passport applications and marriage certificates for legal purposes unless you choose our same day service. A standard ancestral research application can sometimes take as long as three weeks to process.