Gunnersbury Cemetery


143 Gunnersbury Avenue
W3 8LE

Telephone: 020 8992 2924


This cemetery was established in 1929 and is situated adjacent to Gunnersbury Park. The site occupies approximately 8.9 hectares of land. 

The main office covering both cemeteries is located at Gunnersbury Cemetery. There are toilet facilities and car parking spaces for 45 cars. The cemetery also contains a chapel which has an induction loop fitted, an electric piano organ as well as a selection of suitable CD music for services.

A recently established Garden of Remembrance affords the interment of cremated remains. A Book of Remembrance for memorial inscriptions is also available and the Royal Borough offers a free inscription with the first interment. Other more elaborate commemorative inscriptions may be purchased via the cemetery office.

The cemetery entrance drive is lined with displays of colourful flower tubs and floral bedding arrangements, including flowering shrubs such as camellias and roses along the side walls.