Making corrections to a birth, death or marriage certificate

How to make corrections, re-registrations, changes to forenames and other types of corrections to a birth, death or marriage certificate.


  • If there is something incorrect on a birth, death, marriage certificate, you can apply for a correction.
  • Corrections are granted by the General Register Office, and there is a fee of £75 or £90 depending on the type of correction. Replacement certificates are £11 each. A registrar will be able to tell you the exact fee depending on the type of correction.
  • Simply print off the relevant application form and complete it, having first read the accompanying guidance notes. These can be downloaded from the GOV.UK website:
  • Once completed, bring the application with your supporting evidence to our office, and we will photocopy and certify these to send to the General Register Office for consideration.
  • If the correction is granted, you may then need to book an appointment for the correction to be applied. The correction appears in the form of a marginal note on the entry. New certificates are £11 each, with an optional additional same-day service charge of £24. New certificates may be purchased once originals have been returned.

  • If you wish to add the natural father's details to a birth certificate, or the natural parents have married since the birth was registered, then you need to complete a re-registration. In both cases, the child's surname may be changed if you wish.
  • You need to download and complete a form if you are re-registering to add the natural father's details
  • You need to download and complete a form if you are re-registering because you have married each other since the child's original registration
  • Once completed, email [email protected] to request your appointment. Please include your telephone number.
  • Note: if you are not married and one parent cannot attend, or you were married abroad, then the registrar will need to apply for clearance from the General Register Office before the re-registration can proceed.
  • New certificates are £11 each and you should bring the original birth certificate to your appointment.
Changes to forenames

  • If you have changed your mind about your child's forename or forenames, then these can be amended once if the change is done within the first year after registration.
  • A change means adding forename(s), replacing forename(s) or removing forename(s); or even changing the spelling or punctuation within forenames. For children not baptised, please download and complete this form (PDF):
  • For children who have had forename(s) added or changed following a baptism which has taken place in the first year since registration, please download and ask the reverend, priest or minister to complete this form (PDF):
  • Then contact us on [email protected] to book an appointment to complete the amendments. The fee for this service is £40 and does not include replacement certificates which cost £11 each.
  • You will to bring the completed form along to the appointment, along with the original birth certificates.
Other types of corrections

  • If you are applying to correct a still-birth registration, you will need to contact the General Register Office on 0300 123 1837.
  • If you are applying to correct your name on your naturalisation certificate, you will need to contact the Home Office directly. Full information on how to do this can be found on the GOV.UK website
  • If we have got your name wrong on a receipt or appointment booking, please email us at [email protected].

Last updated: 23 December 2020