Supplier information

Except those involved with very low value contracts, suppliers will normally be asked for various pieces of information about their company.

The general information requested will provide basic details about a supplier, verifies that the supplier can be identified as a legitimate discrete trading organisation, that the supplier has acceptable levels of economic and financial standing and that the supplier promotes good practice in areas of equal opportunities, environmental protection, and health and safety.

The Royal Borough will require more detailed information depending on the value, complexity, or significance of the tender opportunity.

Suppliers bidding for tenders will be required to meet this minimum level of information to be considered for further participation in the tender process.

The following is an example of what information may be requested:

General details

  • name
  • address status (example. sole trader)
  • directors
  • number of employees
  • ethnicity of ownership
  • location of head office.


Financial information

  • audited accounts for the previous three years
  • insurances
  • tax status



  • current and past contracts
  • sub-contracting proposals
  • membership of, and accreditation by, trade bodies


Quality Management

It is not required that suppliers be formally quality assured with an accredited certification body. It is a requirement, however, that companies have adopted a quality management system that is at least to the standard of ISO9001: 2000 (or equivalent).


Equal Opportunities

The Council’s own equalities priorities are underpinned by the Public Sector Equality Duty (Equality Act 2010), which specifically sets out legal requirements for public bodies to abide by.


Health and Safety

Section 2(3) of the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 requires companies employing 5 or more people to have a written statement of health and Safety.

An example pre-qualification questionnaire that the Council may use can be found by downloading and printing the Pre-Qualification Questionnaire (file size 187 KB). 

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Last updated: 29 November 2019