Supplying the Council

Companies wishing to be considered for contracts must demonstrate their ability to provide the required goods, services, or works, and they must comply with the requirements of the Council’s Contract Regulations. The aim, where possible, is help firms improve their practices rather than exclude them from tendering. This will increase the Council’s choice of suppliers and will enhance the services provided to the public.

In very general terms, suppliers who wish to work with the Council can expect the following:

  • the Council contracts under English Law and the jurisdiction of the courts of England and Wales
  • suppliers must work to terms and conditions that are acceptable to the Council. 
  • suppliers must not have any convictions for fraud, corruption, serious environmental breaches, or other relevant offences
  • suppliers must be assessed as financially sound which will depend on the nature of the procurement opportunity
  • suppliers must have relevant insurances if they are required
  • suppliers must be willing to provide a parent company guarantee or performance bond as required
  • the Council may seek references from current or past employers
  • suppliers must supply evidence of any relevant certificates relating to professional status, quality standards, or environmental standards
  • suppliers must provide relevant policy statements relating to health and safety, sustainability, and equal opportunities as requested


More detailed requirements will be included in specific contract documents. For more information about what is important when selling to the Council please view the following documents:


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To find opportunities to tender for contracts with the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea and other London boroughs, visit capitalEsourcing.

Construction and property maintenance sectors

Kensington and Chelsea Supply Chain is a business support project for small and medium size local businesses in construction and property maintenance sectors. The project:

  • offers free business support
  • helps local businesses pitch to major property developers in the borough

Read more about RBKC Supply Chain.

Last updated: 9 March 2023