Commercial property

Council property management

Our Corporate Property department manages the Council's property portfolio. We advise on all property matters including:

  • land and property availability lists
  • valuation advice
  • property management

Land and property availability lists

We rent out and sell properties from the Council’s estate.

Find out about available properties.

Valuation advice

These services include:

  • a comprehensive valuation service to all business groups including strategic property advice
  • asset valuations and upkeep of the Council's register of land and properties
  • rating appeals on Council owned property
  • advice on ownership
  • preparing and submitting offers to Council tenants under Right to Buy and Tenants' Choice schemes
  • acquiring property by agreement and by compulsory purchase powers
  • promoting development in line with with the Council's economic, planning and environmental policies

Property management

These services include:

  • estate management of the Council's commercial property portfolio including leasehold properties
  • identifying opportunities to maximise the use of Council's property portfolio to generate additional income
  • acquiring accommodation for Council departments and voluntary groups
  • disposal of surplus Council property
  • negotiating on all aspects of property management on behalf of the Council and its business groups
  • dealing with London Residuary Body disposals and enquiries

Last updated: 29 November 2019