TFM Framework

In addition to the direct contract that was procured with Amey, the three councils sharing services under the Tri-borough initiative can act as a central body for all of the London boroughs which enables you to procure facilities management services on a ‘call-off’ basis. This means that as a London boroughs or school, you have the opportunity to buy into TFM as partnering authorities through a ‘framework agreement’.

About the Framework Agreement

The Framework Agreement is already in place and is available for boroughs to call services from for four years. The framework contract will run for the same term as the Tri-borough Total FM contract Project Agreement.

  • TFM services can be called off through an agreement between the authority and Amey, the service provider
  • the framework is flexible and provides you with the right to agree specific limited amendments in relation to a particular call off
  • rates have already been negotiated with Amey in a competitive arena, providing reassurance of market tested value for money


Joining is easy

  • you are covered within the OJEU notice
  • significantly reduced procurement costs
  • you can procure any combination of services
  • you engage directly with Amey, the service provider
  • benefits for economies of scale
  • defined and bespoke pricing model
  • ability to join immediately

We will collaborate with you throughout the whole process giving you the opportunity to share best practices.

Operational benefits

Through synergies available through the Tri-borough delivery model, operational cost savings can be realised for participating bodies. Your borough or school will be able to benefit from the platforms already in place.   

Process and system standardisation

Through merging of service quality standards, systems and processes; additional savings will be achievable whilst maintaining or enhancing current service quality standards.

Statutory compliance 

A central feature of the TFM contract is to ensure a consistent, robust and auditable approach to the management of statutory compliance.  This feature will be passed to all participating bodies with critical key performance indicators being built into the contract.


Find out more

To find out more about TFM, including the procurement process, contract details and governance please contact Glenn Woodhead, TFM Framework Manager, using the online form below.