Disabled Parking Fraud

In 2009, the Audit Commission published figures stating that more than 16,000 motorists are fraudulently using disabled parking badges.

In London, misuse of the badge allows the fraudster to use free reserved parking spaces and avoid paying other fees such as the London Congestion Charge.

The Audit Commission estimates that on average each blue badge used potentially costs taxpayers as much as £5,000 a year. In Kensington and Chelsea we estimate that figure to be £11,500.

Abuse of the system deprives those in genuine need of assistance from parking spaces which are specifically located close to amenities and shops.

Most common types of misuse and fraudBlue badge

  • ​no badge holder present - drivers uses a badge belonging to a disabled person without them being present
  • forged and counterfeit badges - colour scans or photocopies
  • deceased badge holder - family or friends using the badge after the holder has died
  • lost/stolen badges - lost or stolen badges have been sold on the black market for upwards of £500
  • feigning/exaggerated disability - pretending to be disabled in order to obtain a badge

If you see anyone who you believe is fraudulently using a Disabled Parking Permit, contact the Disabled Parking Investigator on 020 7361 4202 or email investigations@rbkc.gov.uk.

To enable officers to fully investigate allegations we require details of the make of car, the registration number, the time of the alleged offence and place of the misuse.

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