Reporting a scam

There are so many different types of scam, it is difficult to list them all. If you if you think you have been targeted by a scam ask yourself these questions:

  • was the offer unsolicited?
  • does it look too good to be true?
  • do I have to send money up front? 
  • do I have to respond 'at once'?
  • do I have to make a purchase to win a prize?
  • do I have to ring a premium rate phone number? 
  • do I have to give my bank or credit card details?
  • do I have to send the money to a PO Box number? 
  • do I have to send money by bank transfer? 
  • am I asked to keep it confidential?

If the answer to any of these questions is 'yes' then you may be the target of a scam.  The chances are, once you have sent money, you will never see it again.

You can report scams on the Action Fraud website which also has lots more information on popular scams. Go to: If you need general consumer advice call Citizens Advice Consumer Service on 0845 4040506.