Tables and chairs licence

Tables and chairs licence


The annual fees for placing tables and chairs on a public highway from 1 April 2020 are:

Application fee£502
Fee per chair£19
Additional charge beyond 9pm£245

Apply for a licence

To make an application, complete the tables and chairs licence online application form.

Tables and Chairs Licence - guidance notes

The process takes approximately eight weeks, including a 28-day consultation.

Planning permission

If you want to put tables and chairs on the public highway you will also need planning permission.

This is a separate process to applying for a tables and chairs licence, although you can do both at the same time. 

The process takes approximately eight weeks, including a 21-day consultation period.

Apply for planning permission

You can make a planning application for either change of use or for tables and chairs through the Planning Portal.

We can only start to process your planning application once you have submitted:

  • all required documentation
  • the correct fee

Check your application thoroughly before you submit it.

We will allocate you a planning reference number. This will become your planning permission number if your application is granted. This will be required with your tables and chairs highways licence application.

Make sure you note and comply with any conditions attached to the planning permission.

If you have any questions about applying for planning permission contact the planning service.

Privately maintained highways

If you wish to place the tables and chairs on a privately maintained highway:


I have planning permission

If you have planning permission you can apply online for your tables and chairs licence.

Display your licence

You need to display your licence in your premise's window. We may take enforcement action if you don't.

The licence is valid for 12 months.

You need to submit a renewal application 12 weeks before your current licence expires. This ensures you have a licence in place before the current one expires.

Transfer a licence

If a premises changes ownership and you want to transfer a licence to the new owners contact

You will need:

  • a letter from the previous owner confirming permission to transfer the licence
  • proof of Public Liability Insurance to the minimum value of £5 million

The transfer fee is £149.

Duplicate a licence

If you want to request a duplicate licence contact

The duplicate licence fee is £50.

Check if a premises has a licence

You can use our search tool to:

  • check if premises has a licence
  • check if there are any special conditions attached to it
  • report a breach

Licensing Tables and Chairs Search.


Highways Act 1980 – Tables and Chairs Licence

Consent under the Highways Act 1980 is required from the Council to place tables and chairs on the highway. This includes on any land over which the public have access, even if the land is privately maintained – for example unenclosed forecourts. The application form and further guidance can be found on the 'Apply for it' page

In addition where the tables and chairs are to be placed on publicly maintained highway, planning permission is required. Please note that if planning permission is required the consent under the Highways Act cannot be issued until planning permission is granted.

You should allow up to twelve weeks for a consent under the Highways Act.

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If you need any further information or guidance contact