Adult Learning and Employment

The Royal Borough has an extensive programme of adult education classes, offered in partnership with Kensington and Chelsea College and a number of voluntary sector community learning providers. These are held on the six main college sites and in a range of  community venues. Subjects offered include art and design, performing arts, foreign languages, sports and health, information technology, history, media, literacy, numeracy, ESOL and cultural studies.

Courses range from one day ‘taster’ sessions to 36 week courses, and classes are held throughout the day, in morning, afternoon or evening sessions. Although some courses are offered at different levels of ability, the majority are open to all adults (aged 19 or over).

In addition there are specially planned classes for older learners, adults with learning difficulties or disabilities, and people who are not fluent in English.

Family Learning

Family learning includes a broad range of learning opportunities, from informal learning events to more structured learning programmes, which are designed to encourage family members to learn together.

Programmes help to build positive relationships within a family, develop the skills of both adult and child participants, and help parents to be more active in their children’s learning

Sessions offer interesting and fun ways of learning, giving parents the opportunity to improve their own personal skills, build their confidence and self-esteem, gain an accredited qualification, and progress to further learning or into employment.

Currently, the majority of family learning takes place in community venues, childrens' centres, and nursery and primary schools.

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