Ofsted Framework

Ofsted is changing the way it inspects schools

From September 2019 onwards, a new education inspection framework is in place which will be used when inspecting schools. Find out more on the Education inspection framework page of the GOV.UK website.

Inspections will focus on the real substance of education, the curriculum.

Inspectors will spend less time looking at test data, and more time looking at what is taught and how it is taught. They will consider how a nursery, school, college or other education provider achieves its results.

Ofsted want to make sure that good results flow from teaching a broad, rich curriculum and reflect real learning, not just intensive preparation for a test. Ofsted will be grading schools and other providers on the areas that matter most to parents:

  • the quality of education
  • behaviour and attitudes
  • personal development
  • leadership and management

For more information about the changes, please visit the GOV.UK website.

You can search for existing Ofsted inspection reports on the Ofsted website.


Last updated: 29 November 2019