School governors

Governors are unpaid volunteers responsible for the oversight and strategic management of their school, including the curriculum, finance, premises, staff and pupils.

All of the Royal Borough’s maintained schools are required by law to have a governing body. There is no upper limit as to the size of the governing body and the minimum is seven.  However, in considering its composition guidance states that governing bodies should be smaller rather than larger in size.

  • Parent governors - elected by the parents at the school
  • Staff governors - elected by the staff at the school this does not include the head teacher who is an ex-officio
  • Co-opted Governors   - co-opted by the governing body
  • Local Authority governors - nominated  by the local authority
  • Foundation governors - appointed by the church authorities

Governors are elected by the parents or staff at the school, or are nominated by the Council, the church authorities (in the case of church schools) or by the governing body itself. The Council makes its nominations to governing bodies by seeking nominations from the political parties represented on the Council.

The Council provides information and training for governors, free of charge, to assist them in carrying out their duties.

If you are interested in applying to be a school governor please complete and return the attached form. If your skills match a schools requirements your details can then be forwarded to a school who are looking to fill a vacancy on their governing body.

Please return your completed form to Julie Farmer,  Governor Support Officer, Town Hall, Hornton Street, W8 7NX email tel 07739 315429. 

Application form for potential governors [PDF] (file size 471.4 KB)

Statutory policies 2014 [PDF] (file size 552Kb)

Governance Handbook 2017 [PDF] (file size 1.62 MB)
Associate Member Advice [PDF] (file size 37.38 KB)
Constitution - Amendment Regulations [PDF] (file size 42.96 KB)
School Teachers Pay and Conditions [PDF] (file size 629.14 KB)
Shared Services Clerks' Handbook [PDF] (file size 593.35 KB)

The School Governance (Roles, Procedures and Allowances) (England) Regulations 2013 [PDF] (file size 463Kb)

Model Standing Orders for School Governing Bodies [PDF] (file size 483Kb)

Behaviour and Discipline in Schools - guide for governing bodies [PDF] (file size 122Kb)

Looked after children – Statutory guidance for governing bodies [PDF] (file size 911Kb)