Secondary transfer

Primary to secondary transfer 2019 outcome

If your child is in Year 6, you will receive the outcome of your secondary school application during the evening of Friday 1 March 2019

If you submitted your application online, the  initial outcome will come from the eAdmissions website. A further email will be sent to you from the School Admissions Team to access your full notification letter. You will need to enter your child's surname and date of birth as a security measure.

It is important you read your notification letter as it contains information about what you need to do next.

Helpful information

The following Secondary Transfer Help sheet lists some questions you may have with answers. You can of course contact the Admissions Team for further guidance. Please be aware that the telephone lines will be exceptionally busy from Monday 4 March 2019.  

Secondary Transfer Help [PDF] (file size 283.54 KB)

The following Bi-borough secondary school outcomes shows how places were allocated for all schools located in Kensington & Chelslea and Westminster Council. 

Bi-borough secondary school outcomes [PDF] (file size 126.34 KB)

The following Vacancies and short waiting lists is to assist families that are yet to submit an application, or for those that wish to make further applications to schools.

Vacancies and short waiting lists [PDF] (file size 230.8 KB)

If you are new to the area and have a child of Year 6 age, you will need to apply for a secondary school  to ensure you secure a place for your child from September 2019. The eAdmissions remains open to accept late applications.

Register to apply online

The following annual brochure remains available and provides information about the secondary transfer process and individual schools. Please note, that many of the dates included in this brochure will have now passed.

Your choice for secondary education [PDF] (file size 4.36 MB)

Admissions and Access to Education Service Privacy Notice

Privacy Notice [PDF] (file size 355.03 KB)

Please contact the Admissions Team for further information by telephone on 020 7745 6432 / 6433  (9am to 2pm Monday to Friday), or email