Community Safety Plan

Crime and antisocial behaviour have devastating affects upon individuals, families, and communities. Crime and fear of crime impacts the health and wellbeing of the whole community. The residents of Kensington and Chelsea have told the Council and its partners that reducing crime and antisocial behaviour is one of their leading priorities for which they want to see action taken.

What's in the Community Safety Plan?

The Community Safety Plan sets out how the multi-agency Safer Kensington and Chelsea Partnership (called the Safer K and C Partnership) will address crime and disorder in the borough. It focuses upon those issues of most concern to residents, that cause the most harm to communities, and require a coordinated approach to deliver lasting change.

The Community Safety Plan aligns to the Council Plan which includes the aim to continue to support the Police and local communities to prevent crime and stay safe under the Healthy Clean and Safe priority.

The priorities of the plan

The Safer K and C Partnership have engaged extensively with residents, Voluntary and Community Services (VCS), faith groups and local stakeholders in agreeing the priorities that that Partnership will focus upon in this plan: 

  • Violence Against Women and Girls 
  • Antisocial behaviour 
  • Youth Violence and Exploitation 
  • Drug related offending

These have each been informed by:

  • the views and wishes of residents, including those who have been affected by crime and/or accessing services 
  • analysis of the problem, drawing on data and information from a breadth of partners including the VCS and faith groups 
  • evidence of “what works” in tackling crime and disorder
  • the views of professionals and stakeholders working locally

The Council’s statutory responsibilities

The plan also provides for the Council’s statutory responsibilities within context of the Crime and Disorder Act 1998. Namely, to: 

  • Establish a strategic Community Safety Partnership – Safer K and C Board. 
  • Engage and consult with communities about their community safety priorities – reflected in this Plan.
  • Establish systems and processes for sharing information – to ensure effective partnership safeguarding and strategic response to crime and disorder.
  • Analyse data and produce a Strategic Assessment and Community Safety Plan – These can be combined as is the case with this Plan. 
  • Set out how the Partnership will monitor and report on delivery of the Plan – reflected in the Governance arrangements of this Plan.

The plan

Last updated: 12 October 2022