Crime Prevention - Burglary

Services offered for residents

The Community Safety Team delivers a range of security services for residents which include:

Target Hardening (additional or enhanced security measures) Projects for victims of burglary and those that fall within burglary hotspots. Consideration is also given to victims of crime that can also include other vulnerable groups who are experiencing anti-social behaviour and living in fear of crime.

Sanctuary Project which is specifically target hardening works for Victim /Survivors of domestic abuse where Sanctuary works have been deemed necessary and appropriate.  Referrals are taken from partnership agencies including Neighbourhood Police, MPS, Multi Agency Risk Assessment Conferences (MARAC) Safeguarding Team, Victim Support other Council Departments including Registered Providers.

As well as carrying out Environmental Visual Audits of crime hotspots and applying the principles of Crime Prevention though Environmental Design ( CPTED) on behalf of landlords when requests are made as part of a problem solving exercise and environmental improvements.

The above is carried out by our in house professionally qualified Crime Prevention Design Advisor ( CPDA).

Smarter Safer Secure Homes Project Pilot

Going forward and by way of contributing to the existing and established approaches in tackling burglary we are looking at introducing the Smarter Safer Secure Homes Project Pilot.   

The Smarter Safer Secure Homes Project Pilot will provide specific and bespoke crime prevention advice on the particular property that a landlord / managing agent is  in control of in the form of a full inspection of the property. A  Crime Prevention Specification based on findings will be provided by the Crime Prevention Design Advisor based in the Community Safety Team. Once the security enhancements are put in place and the good practice document and guidance for existing and new tenants explained, the landlord / managing agent will receive a  Smarter Safer Secure Homes Project Pilot Completion Certificate.

The overall aim of the project is to reduce the number of residential burglaries in the Borough. This will be achieved by installing enhanced security in properties the aim of which is to  make it more difficult for a burglary to occur. These benefits will be passed down to tenants who will ultimately feel safe. During the pilot, this service will be for private rented properties only.   

The Smarter Safer Secure Homes Project Pilot is a discretionary project and is on a voluntary application process. It is not a mandatory or statutory scheme that private sector landlords or managing agents must join.   However, the Community Safety Team encourages private sector landlords / managing agents to take part in this project with the added knowledge that by doing so that they are contributing to the overall reduction in residential burglary in the Borough.

Last updated: 11 January 2021