Residents’ Association Engagement Network

Residents’ Association Engagement Network

Join us to support the Council’s work for Covid-19 recovery

We are facilitating a series of monthly meetings with representatives from Residents’ Associations to help the Council understand the needs of local people during Covid-19 recovery. These meetings complement work with other local groups such as neighbourly and faith groups.

This is an opportunity for Residents’ Associations to comment on Council plans for Covid-19 recovery, share ideas with each other, and find out about latest government guidance and what this means for our residents and communities

Who can attend the meetings?

These meetings are open to representatives of:

  • Residents' Associations
  • Tenants' Associations
  • Leaseholder Associations
  • other similar residents' groups

You will be asked to indicate which Association or group you represent when you register for the meeting.

How do I join?

The next meeting will be hosted on 30 July 2020, 5.30pm-7.00pm.

Details on how the meeting will be held and how to register will be provided soon.

Previous meeting

2 July 2020, 5.30pm-6.30pm (Council’s Support Hub)

We discussed work to support some of the borough’s most vulnerable residents through the work of the Council’s support Hub. Sophie Ellis (Director of Customer Delivery) gave a presentation about the Hub, followed by discussions on the presentation and live Q&A. Please see the meeting report for more information.

The meeting concluded with discussion on how often meetings should take place and how they should run – participants requested monthly meetings with more time for dialogue and this will be arranged for the next meeting.

For more information on past meetings, including copies of meeting reports and Q&A, please email the Community Engagement team at:, or call us on tel: 020 7598 4633 (9am-5pm).

More ways to get involved

Visit the Change at the Council webpage to learn more about how you can be involved in decision-making. 

You can also:

Please also sign up for our Community Updates newsletter to learn about more events and engagement opportunities in the borough, by emailing the Community Engagement team at: