Review of housing safety and healthy homes

We’re scrutinising the health and safety of local housing

The Housing and Communities Select Committee has set up a Housing Safety and Healthy Homes Working Group. Between now and April 2021, this working group will be investigating whether homes in Kensington and Chelsea are as safe and healthy as they should be.

The call for evidence has now closed

In November 2020, we asked you – our residents - to tell us what makes you feel unsafe or unhealthy at home. We’re currently looking through what you’ve told us. We’ll use your comments to help us decide which housing health and safety issues we need to scrutinise in more detail over the next few months.

What will happen next

In early January, our working group will meet to review what you’ve told us and decide which issues we’re going to investigate in our review.

From January to April, we’ll carry out our review. We’ll learn more about the problems and try to find ways things could be improved.

In April 2021, we’ll submit a public report to the Housing and Communities Select Committee. Our report will make formal recommendations stating what should be done to improve the health and safety of housing in the borough.