Review of housing safety and healthy homes

Tell us what you think we should scrutinise

The Housing and Communities Select Committee has set up a Housing Safety and Healthy Homes Working Group.

Our the next six months, our working group will be investigating whether homes in Kensington and Chelsea are as safe and healthy as they should be.

We’d like you – our residents – to tell us what you think our review should focus on.

We want to know what makes you feel unsafe or unhealthy at home. Your comments will be used by us to decide which issue we need to consider in our review.

How to respond

Please send us your comments and ideas by 11.59pm on Sunday 6 December 2020.

Your comments will be used to help us determine which issues our review should consider.

Please do not use this survey to report potential crimes. If you are in immediate danger, please call 999, or dial 101 to reach the non-emergency police number. The survey should also not be used to report faults or request repairs as we are unable to investigate individual cases.

There are three ways you can respond:

  • Please fill in our short online survey – there are only a few questions and it should take just a few minutes to complete

    Start survey

  • Email us at, telling us what makes you feel unsafe and/or unhealthy at home
  • Alternatively, if you are unable to use the questionnaire or send an email, please post your responses to:
    • Scrutiny Team
      Kensington Town Hall
      The Town Hall
      Hornton Street
      ​W8 7NX

We won’t share your details with anyone outside the Council, unless you tell us something that makes us think that someone is in danger – if that happens we might need to share your information with the emergency services.

What will happen next

In early January, our working group will meet to review what you’ve told us and decide which issues we’re going to investigate in our review.

From January to April, we’ll carry out our review. We’ll learn more about the problems and try to find ways things could be improved.

In April 2021, we’ll submit a public report to the Housing and Communities Select Committee. Our report will make formal recommendations stating what should be done to improve the health and safety of housing in the borough.