Summonses and court orders

If you don’t pay your Council Tax after we have sent you reminders or a final notice, we can issue you with a court summons, which incur costs of £85 and this will be added to your unpaid bill. 

A summons is a court document telling you the date and time that the magistrates will consider whether they issue a Liability Order against you, and where the hearing will take place. It will also tell you the total amount owed, the period of time it refers to, and the costs you will have to pay. This will incur further costs of £35.  

It is your right to appear in court and offer evidence why you are not liable for the debt. The court will not consider your ability to pay the money you owe as a reason for why you are not liable for the debt.

You do not need to come to court if you understand and acknowledge you are liable for the debt.

You may dispute the summons if;

  • We have not billed you correctly or did not keep to the correct time periods when we sent reminders. (please note we only have to provide proof the notice has been sent and not received)
  • You have paid what you owe
  • You are not the person who is liable at the property in question

If you believe you have valid reason to stop the liability order being granted please contact us on 020 7361 3005, from 8.30am to 5.30pm, Monday to Friday, prior to the court date; you may be asked to provide proof.